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Self-recommendation Essay

I am convinced to say that my secondary school life is not in vain because I have acquired both academic knowledge from lessons and practical experience from various extracurricular activities.

Being a leader in the Scout, I realized that organization, time management and communication are of paramount importance in leadership. Being a senior patrol leader, I engaged in planning meetings for the scout members. In addition to briefing and communicating with the whole troop of scouts, I had to cooperate well with teachers in order to convey the messages clearly from teachers to all the scout members as well as consolidating the spirit of scouts. To become a more capable leader in a team, I would like to make progress in my leadership skill, especially the organization and management skills, and to capitalize on different aspects. Therefore, I determine to have further study on management, contributing myself to help people to organize and manage their business.

Apart from leadership, I feel satisfied as long as helping someone who is in need. Through studying in science subjects, I found that nowadays advanced technology is established by the forerunners who devoted themselves to this industry, such as Steve Jobs. Definitely, the development in science and technology has brought convenience to our life. Although I am not going to become an inventor, I am willing to have further study on science technology in order to light up people’s life. Thus, I am enthusiastic in studying subject related to science and technology to equip myself to help people.

All in all, I have recognized myself in the past few years. To show the gratitude to my teachers and friends, I would endeavor to show my best positive light on different fields. I look forward to my new journey in the future.

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