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My personal brand Essay

My personal brand is that I am super energetic in my job. When I was working as a sale assistance in a large retail store, I would always keep my mind that I need to be cheerful and energetic in doing my job, so the customers could feel my passion and caring. This can be help me to avoid those negative emotion and things, makes me to be more productive in work. I would think that is one of the most important strengths of my personal brand. Another strength is that I am willing to learn and communicate with others. Although I am not a fast learner, I will put more effort in order to achieve the result. Also, a good relationship with colleague would make all the things much easier. Therefore, I am energetic in communicating with others and having a connection with them.

My weakness is that I am not a fast learner, but I am willing to learn. In order to strengthen my personal brand, there are several actions I could do. First of all, in order to have a good communication with others, language is the most important thing. Improving my English level could help me to have a better connection with others. Also, understand the history of Australia can help me to overcome the barriers of culture difference. Secondly, attending the networking events could help me to build a relationship with different employers. Thirdly, build a personal brand in ‘linked in’ website can help me to connect with others. Also, it can let others to understand who I am.

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