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My First Job and First Salary Essay

I had the best feeling of my life when i got my first job and that i put as my most happiest and memorable moment of my life. I do still remember the date and time. For a middle class family girl getting a job is a big thing in life. After i got my offer letter from the i called my MOM first and she was so happy with the news, that was the day when i made my parents proud. I was more happy and satisfied that day and feeling of joblessness and insecurity gone from my mind. Those days i was so doubtful regarding job since me and my classmates were struggling for job. Everyone of us were trying hard but Biotechnology jobs are comparatively lesser than IT jobs. From my childhood i was very passionate about lifescience { May be i was so poor in Maths that i didnt have any other choice } Then came my first day at office, It was really different feeling again. From college to company.

In college we wont have much tensions or pressure or deadline and you are totally independent of your ways. But professional life was very different. It was more or work, meeting deadlines and continuous learning and implementing those. There was lot to learn in professional life. Though it took few weeks for me to get adjusted with company culture and learning the work i need to do and mingling with my colleagues, but it was good experience. then came a day for which all employee waits “The Salary Day”. My first salary.. Though i bought materialistic things for my family with mhy first salary but it was real satisfaction for me and for them too. I was then INDEPNDENT girl. Though it seem simple but these experience are great and memorable.

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