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Chapter 3 Case 3-B: When Proper Procedure is not Followed Essay

1. Outline the specific steps Cliff should have taken with Sonja prior to their meeting with Cindy to ensure the meeting went smoothly with no surprises.

Cliff should have had explain to Sonja prior to their meeting with Cindy, on to details of what this meeting was fully about. Cliff should have also discussed with Sonja what a distinctive role Cindy has with this meeting as a leasing agent for sale expectations. Cliff should have stated Cindy’s position in this company, that she is the wife of one of the members of the executive committee, Larry, and that her position is very important.

2. As supervisor, what should Cliff have done when it became apparent Sonja was overstepping her authority during the meeting with Cindy? Cliff should have stepped in to calm down Sonja and to settle each person in a group to discuss their reasoning for their behavior. By having Sonja and Cindy explain to each other their side of the story, this would ensure a better understanding of each other’s point of view to further escalate the situation.

3. What steps do you believe Heather should take with Sonja? With Cliff? With Cindy?
Heather should privately discuss with each of the individuals about their actions and behavior to understand them. Then Heather should have them all sit down in a group session to resolve the problems that they have amongst themselves. Heather should also be there to make sure things do not go out of hand and that the operations went smoothly.

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