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About Peter S. Essay

Describe his father
He is different to his father
Contentment a sense of belonging home a place of happiness
Peter feels he is disconnecting to his heritage
His garden was his pride and garden… father has strong sense of belonging to his garden and home

From the soil he turned and the tobacco he rolled… juxtapositions of hard work and pleasure…father loves smoking, as it is part of tradition and culture

Stanza 3 he’s describing gestures that are associated with polish culture. Australians are more casual and “he didn’t get used to it” He’s describing life in Poland
Blue eyes represent purity

Stanza 4 – optimistic, Positive, father always focus on positive Stanza 5 – picked up polish while he was a child … negative…clash of cultures Stanza 6 – after negative tone this stanza comes more positive Imagery – As he was struggling with complex English he forgot his connection to the polish language..becoming australianised .. and he repeated it so I never forgot” sense if guilt

Using one of the scenes listed and your knowledge of the film as a whole Techniques, structures effect//what do we learn about from
Explain how relationships lead to a deeper understanding of the world in Peter Weir’s film Witness *Raising the barn
*The chicken pen scene
*The police invade the Amish community
*The attack in the town

Introduction: Through close analysis of Peter Weir’s film “Witness” a deeper understanding of the world can be achieved through the relationships between characters.

In the film “Witness” Peter Weir uses effective language and film techniques to offer a deeper understanding of the world. This is made evident through the close analysis of the relationships within the film.

Body Paragraph:
Topic sentence: (identify a key relationship in the film)
Evidence in film/elaboration: (refer to a key scene where this relationship is presented) Examples including techniques: (identify film/language techniques within the scene) Explain what we learn from the above example/ the effect: (what do we learn about the relationship in the examples) Think findings back to the Q using key words (what do you learn from the relationships about the world)

Essay Topics:

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