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Сomputer technology Essay

In modern days, computer technology plays a significant role in our lives. It helps businesses and institutions to provide better services and faster transactions with their clients and customers. Most of the companies are using a computerized-based information system that satisfy the needs and improves the quality of their business. This information system is used to pass information throughout an organization accordingly and help them to access the files in an easy way. Technology is widely used in this generation, that is why using manual system is no longer applicable especially in storing confidential and important records and files. Unfortunately, we discover that along the little institutions like clinics, manual system were still implemented.

Because of that ,we have learned that most of them suffered from different problems such as lacking of back-up records of their patients, difficulty in finding files and records, consuming time in manually listing the information of the patients and using a low technology equipment for their records such as logbooks. As a system analyst, we wanted to help a company to improve the quality of their business and solve the present problems they encountered. We have found out that Health Alert Medical and Diagnostic Center in Taytay, Rizal was encountering the said problems above in their clinic. Our aim is to provide them a computerized information system that can help them lessen patient’s waiting time and create a database that would serve as their back-up for the patient’s file and records.These system will be efficient and effective to use compare to the manual system they are using and can satisfy the needs of thier company.

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